I have 17 years of secondary school teaching experience and have taught earth science, physics, physical science, general science, astronomy, computer applications, and photography. I currently teach earth science, science education, and field experience courses at UNI.

Random and mostly useless facts about me:
  • I dislike narcissistic people, but freely admit this list is a glowing example of narcissism. :)
  • I abhor television news. Local, broadcast, cable - it doesn't matter. I hate all of it.
  • I can still remember the first time I looked at Saturn through a telescope when I was about 8 years old.
  • I worked in a small grocery store through high school. It was so small it had two aisles and only one checkout line.
  • Pikolinos are my favorite shoe brand. They last forever and I still wear every pair I've ever purchased.
  • I know Morse code and am convinced this skill will someday save my life.
  • I am a quilter.
  • It drives me bonkers when people put periods and commas outside of quotation marks.
  • I dislike white bread.
  • I'm an amateur photographer and have shot weddings and senior portraits for friends and family members.
  • I enjoy using Linux and Mac OS. I believe Windows is an affront to usability and software design.
  • The earliest evidence I can find of my online presence is this post to the sci.astro news group on November 13, 1993.

Aaron Spurr
Earth & Environmental Sciences / Science Education
Latham 124, University of Northern Iowa 
Cedar Falls, Iowa  50614-0335
(319) 273-7297